Water Treatment Plants


Water is an important resource and has to be utilised in an effective manner and likewise considering the importance of consideration towards the waste water and regulatory compliance water management is an important factor. Water management as part of industrial process optimization or water management initiatives. Feasibility studies and techno-economic analyses for energy and environment projects to be financed by international donors and banks. Technical assistance and capacity building in all issues related to the Energy sector.

Water Management

Conservation of freshwater resources and protection of their quality, with emphasis on water used in industry and the services sector. Technical assistance to private and public sectors in the development of water management plans and the assessment of infrastructure needs capacity building to water management officials at regional and local level Exploitation of treated wastewater based on best practice techniques. Recording and assessment of the realistic potential of water exploitation of treated wastewater. Examination of funding possibilities by national programmers Environmental risk assessment related to water contamination by chemicals and other polluters.

Feasibility Studies in the Water Sector

Feasibility Studies, Conceptual/Preliminary Design for WWTPs, Detailed Design for Water Supply and Sewerage and Storm Water Networks in compliance with national standards and regulations, design requirements, special requests of the Employer, and international standards and performance requirements. Capacity building of governmental institutions and local companies, know-how transfer and on-the-job training. Financial and Procurement support Other technical assistance studies and services for investment projects in water and sanitation infrastructure, in compliance with the requirements of international donors.