Infrastructure Development

Elaboration of high-profile Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) studies including identification, assessment and mitigation of the impacts of major energy infrastructure works to the environment and society. Furthermore we provide support to environmental policy & strategy development by governmental organizations, administrations and institutions. Moreover we are experts in Environmental or health & safety (EHS) auditing services and compliance assessments at industrial and other installations. Technical assistance and capacity building related to waste management is also part of our service. We define appropriate climate change mitigation paths and CO2 emissions reduction strategies in partnership with national/ regional authorities and the private sector.

Environmental Policy and Strategy

  • Review of national and regional environmental context.
  • Identification, assessment and exploitation of local capacity and infrastructure.
  • Supporting and strengthening existing institutions and administrations.
  • Building or strengthening existing capacity.
  • Drafting of Action Plans at regional or national level.
  • Incorporating environmental considerations in other economic sectors.
  • Working in partnership with society. 

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

  • Identification and comparative assessment of alternatives.
  • Support in selecting optimum routes and project locations.
  • Environmental and social baseline studies.
  • Identification and assessment of impacts.
  • Drafting Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring Plans (ESMMP).
  • Drafting Public Consultation and Disclosure Plans (PCDP) and supporting the public consultation process.
  • Carrying out pre-construction monitoring and baseline studies.
  • Monitoring environmental and social performance of project activities against ESMMP requirements.
  • ESIA-related services are supported by in-house capacity in Geographic Information Systems.