Environmental Monitoring Services

EHS Services has been appointed by GRL & Co. in March 2020 for a period of 02 years for Environmental Monitoring of NIMMI Project at Lasbella under Baluchistan Integrated Water Resource Management and Development Project (BIWRMDP) funded by World Bank (WB).

Pollution Prevention Plan

(Air/Noise/Waste/Sanitary waste management plans)

Traffic Management Plan

EHS Training Plan

Health and Safety Plan

Emergency Plan

Contractor Camp Layout Plan

Waste management plan

Tree plantation and removal of tree plan

Organizational framework

Emergency plan

Monitoring plan

Site Health, Safety and Environment Rules

Compliance with Legal requirement & Applicable codes and standards

Operating procedures at site.

Emergency response plan (ERP)

Personal Protection Equipment

Medical and first aid facilities

Identification and rectification of hazards

Health, Safety and Environment training and awareness plan