Environmental Assessments (ESIA, EIA, IEE, ESA)

EHS Services has been appointed by Pakistan Intermodal Limited (PIL) in February 2020 to perform Environmental Assessment of proposed coal transport project in the north-western industrial zone of Port Qasim (PQ) in Karachi.

The coal will be transported through trucks from PIBT to the main load out station within PQ (limited to that area which is being allotted / assigned to PIL from Pakistan Railways), with total transport length of ~4.5 km. The project will use PIBT coal stockyard for loading of coal and unloading facilities at coal stockyard at PR load out station terminal within PQ area. The proposed project is an important intervention and will play a key role in the operation of proposed coal fired industrial plants & cement plants throughout the country. Annually, it is planned to handle 1.5m to 2m tons of coal that will be supplied to industrial plants /factories & cement plants across Punjab. With the proposed intervention, it is envisaged that it would manifolds lessen the environmental impacts emanating from coal dust emission from transportation activity which is currently being carried out between PIBT & Pipri Marshalling Yard (PMY) located at more than 25-kms from PIBT and has many population centre along the CoI and the coal storage terminal at PMY.